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Deluxe Waist Pad

Deluxe hip pad

Ultra comfy...

Go hero with a super deluxe hip pad.

Be more comfortable and efficient with this easy add-on. This pad comes with velcro hook, and attaches to most other belts. It is a quick fix to a bad setup.

  • Help the fit
  • Better load distribution
  • More comfortable
  • Carry more
  • Cross brand compatible
  • Earn more...
  • Thickener
    Adds 12" circumference to the waist resulting in superior load distribution. This feature is especially good for thinner planters.
  • Grippy
    The pad will form to your shape, and the texture is grippy, preventing slippage.
  • Non-absorbant
    Our pads do not absorb water/weight. A nice feature on a cold morning after the rain.
  • Ultra light
    It doesn't add weight to your current setup.
  • Customizable
    You can cut, shape, mold these pads and it won't fall apart.
  • Universal
    Can be used in a variety of applications.

Deluxe: 6"x36"x1.5"

Deluxe_SM: 4"x32"x1.5"

Deluxe_2PC: 4"x16"x1.5" x 2pc

***Cost of the foam has skyrocketed... Sorry, but not much we can do... 

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