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Kickerless Shovel

Kickerless Tree Planting Shovel Kickerless Tree Planting Shovel

Ultra Sleek

No more dirt in the eyes when snagging on roots...

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Staff Handle

staff handle

Staff Handle ONLY

Seen here on a traditional blade, the staff handle makes the perfect all terrain shovel. A staff is more forgiving in rocky ground than D & e grip type shovels, and it provides greater leverage when needed for tougher ground.

Weight: ~.4kg Length: ~ 28" or 71cm
Straight Cut:
Straight $30 Make payments with PayPal!
Tapered:(for older style blades)
Tapered $35 Make payments with PayPal!



D-handle & Wood Shaft Tapered

Brute D-handle & Tapered Shaft

D-handle & Wood Shaft Tapered

Seen here with the super tough Brute D-handle, this tapered shaft fits all blades. Some tweaking may be required. Choose from 4 grip styles and 10 sizes.

Weight: ~.4kg Length: ~ 9" - 16" PRICE: $30

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D-handle & Wood shaft

Brute D-handle

D-handle & Wood Shaft

D-handle and straight wood shaft. Fits blades that require straight shaft, and can be shaped to fit other blades also. Choose from 4 grip styles and 10 sizes.

Weight: ~.25kgAny size from 9"-16"PRICE: $25

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