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Flagging Pouch Cutter

Flagging Pouch Cutter

Fast & Simple

Saving time has never been so simple. Loads easy. Use only one hand.

Be more efficient when flagging trees with this one handed design. Allows you to pull off ticket sized pieces of flagging with ease. This dispenser is extra helpful when either planting a contract that requires trees to be flagged for the checker, or where spacing your trees is made difficult due to grass or greenery.

If you plant 4 trees per minute, and you save 2 second for every tree planted, you will increase by 30 trees per hour.

  • Efficient
  • One-handed flagging
  • Quick loading
  • Customizable
  • Earn more...
  • Large 7" pouch
  • Razor cutter
  • Flap closure
  • Multi-port
  • Bolt on


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