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Kickerless Shovel

Kickerless Tree Planting Shovel Kickerless Tree Planting Shovel

Ultra Sleek

No more dirt in the eyes when snagging on roots...

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ERGO D-handle & Straight Shaft 6

ERGO D-handle & Straight Shaft

ERGO D-handle & Straight Shaft

A light-weight handle with a small diameter grip that provides some confort with the rubber grip. This handle and shaft is not compatible with blades older than 2013, as it has a straight shaft.

Weight: ~.3kgLength: ~ 6.5" / 15cm PRICE: $15
SHAFT $15 Make payments with PayPal!

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D-handle & Wood shaft

Brute D-handle

D-handle & Wood Shaft

D-handle and straight wood shaft. Fits blades that require straight shaft, and can be shaped to fit other blades also. Choose from 4 grip styles and 10 sizes.

Weight: ~.25kgAny size from 9"-16"PRICE: $25

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