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Shovel Blades

Traditional Tree Planting Shovel Blade Traditional Tree Planting Shovel Blade Kickerless Tree Planting Shovel Blade

Blades, blades, blades...

Choose from the widest variety of shapes and sizes.

Asymmetric Shovel

Asymmetric tree planting shovel Asymmetric tree planting shovel

Kickass kicker

Be nearly invincible with this all around shovel.

The asymmetric blade offers a simple and effective answer to a big problem....More...

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Money-Maker Shovel

Money Maker Tree Planting Shovel $59 Mini tree planting shovel

Speed is your friend.

For those extra creamy days when you can really pound them in...

One of our lightest and fastest shovels...More...

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7 Asymmetric Right Blade

7 Asymmetric Blade Front 7 Asymmetric Blade Back

Weight not an issue...

For those creamy days that make planting so addicting...

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