Tree Planting Gear

Asymmetric Shovel

workwizer asymmetric 26inch tree planting shovel

Asymmetric Shovel X 2 - FREE SHIPPING

The Asymmetric Shovel is a classic Workwizer innovation that provides one big kicker without making the blade wider. This makes it much easier to step the blade into firm ground.

We generally recommend that planters use the kicker in the middle. This allows use of both feet, right or left; however, a faster technique can be achieved with use of the outside kicker, and same side foot.

This shovel comes prebuilt with the Ergo handle and a metal, metal-plastic, or wood shaft depending on the length. The shaft assembly allows for easier modification of handle angle or handle removal. Just use heat to adjust or remove the handle.

~1.2kg~ 24" - 30" PRICE: $100 - INCLUDES SHIPPING (2 SHOVELS)

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