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Kickerless Shovel

Kickerless Tree Planting Shovel

Kickerless Shovel

The Kickerless Blade prevents shovel hang-ups on slash and roots. (helps prevent getting dirt in the eyes... lol... no really!)

This shovel comes prebuilt with the Ergo handle and a metal, metal-plastic, or wood shaft depending on the length. The shaft assembly allows for easier modification of handle angle or handle removal. Just use heat to adjust or remove the handle.

~1.2kg ~ 26" - 34" PRICE: $69 - $74

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8.5 Legend Blade

Legendary Tree Planting Blade


8.5" Legend Blade

The 2003 carbon steel blade is a Workwizer Legend. Planters have reported to have used these for 7 years.

Available in two designs — kickerless, and symmetrical one kicker. (Symmetry refers to the shape of the blade.)

This blade is compatible with only the tapered wood shaft.

Weight: ~.9kgBlade: ~8.5"Socket: ~10" / 46cm PRICE: $99  (3 year* warranty)

* - year is based on a 12 week season.

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8.5 Kickerless Blade


8.5" Kickerless Blade

This blade is made for speed in fast ground. The Kickerless blade is lighter weight and does not get hung up on roots and slash, which can be very annoying. At 8.5", this tree planting blade is the standard length.

This blade is compatible with any shaft that is <= 1.25" diameter. Hot melt glue can be used on smaller diamter shafts.

Weight: ~.7kgBlade: ~ 8.5" / 22cm Blade & Socket: ~ 18" / 46cmStraight* 8.5" Blade PRICE: $49
Blade $49 Make payments with PayPal!

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